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My car insurance renewal came through the letterbox today.

I was taken aback somewhat to see that it had gone up… by 54%


That’s just mad. It sent me a little giddy, to be honest.

Once I’d regained my composure, I read further down the letter.

“Relax”, it said. “You don’t need to do a thing, as we will automatically take the money from your account on 31st August.”

“NO YOU FUCKING WON’T!!”, I shouted.

And: “Relax”? Who writes these things? You can’t write to a customer telling him that his premium has gone up by 300 quid, but that it’s all OK and he doesn’t need to worry, because you are gonna take it straight out of his account without him having to do a thing.

“Sit down and have a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst we rob your bank account to the tune of 300 sovs.”

Fuck off.

I rang them up.

The guy at the end of the phone was most apologetic, but there was nothing they could do. It was the car that was pushing the premium up, not the bike (I have a six-wheel policy). “Why has it gone up so much?”, I asked. “I drive a Ford Focus, not a Porche 911 Turbo!”. He didn’t have an answer for me, so I told him to cancel my renewal and that I would go elsewhere.

It took me just ten minutes to check online (because I am soooo Money Supermarket, apparently) and I found I could get it from a different bunch of thieving bastards, for just half that price.

I daresay I’ll probably have to do it all again next year when it goes up again, but I don’t mind too much… not if it saves me that amount of money, and let’s face it, it’s easy enough nowadays.

Those of us of a certain age (yes, you two), will remember having to sit down with the Yellow Pages each year, ringing round the different brokers for hours on end, trying to get the best price. Nowadays, we can compare the market in minutes and then it’s us who do the walking, not our fingers.

9 thoughts on “Car Insurance”

    1. Which we all know stands for…
      Seriously Aged Gentlemen Ahead.
      Never had my insurance jump up that much but I always give them a call and hey presto a lower price is always given once I hint at going elsewhere. Probably could get it cheaper still by shopping around but once I get it to the same level of cover not to much difference.

      1. Interestingly, when I compared the meerkats, SAGA wasn’t up there with the cheapest.
        Maybe I need to be a bit older – and a bit more grown-up – before they offer me the decent rates.

  1. That’s ridiculous! How rude! And next year, soooo money supermarket will remind you and ( so long as you haven’t upgraded to a Porsche) with the push of a single key, find the best prices again.

    Take no prisoners, Masher.

    1. I’m pretty sure that taking prisoners would invalidate my insurance, Jules.
      I’m covered for Domestic, Pleasure and Business, not Convict Transportation.

  2. I am surprised that they didn’t immediately say…….let’s see what we can do Sir, and make you a better offer. Pretty stupid of them to let you go, but I expect they have many more mugs who just go along with it! My Pa in Law, some years ago , in his 90s, was found to be paying over £500 for his home insurance…not changed providers for years. We changed it and got it down to just over £200.!

    1. The chap did try to get me a better quote, Frances, but couldn’t. I think it’s because they specialise in motorcycle insurance rather than cars, and thus have a limited number of companies they can use.

      It certainly pays to shop around though. I think they do rely a lot on people being complacent and not bothering to change. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t bother changing either, if the price only went up slightly, but when it jumps up 54%…

    1. They are.
      And we all know it.
      And we all complain about it.
      But no-one ever does anything about it.
      But now, thanks to the meerkats, we can.
      We can go elsewhere.
      To a different robbing bastard.
      Oh well.

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