Another Tom

This weekend – the one just gone – the current Mrs Masher and I went on a cruise.

Just a quick one.

Down the Thames.

And a very pleasant evening it was too.

Top notch grub, served and eaten to the sounds of a live jazz band, whilst taking in the sights of London as we gently motored down the river. It doesn’t come much better than that.

Except, it does, because we did it all in good company.

And beer.

Best night out I’ve had for ages.

And now for a quick mutt update:

As per the picture above, she’s getting bigger.

6 thoughts on “Another Tom”

  1. We have done a couple of those Thames river cruises. A lunch one and a teatime one. Very pleasant ! Pooch looking good!

    1. Pleasant, but not cheap!
      Still, you have to push the boat out every so often (see what I did there?)

  2. You certainly live the high life, Masher. It must be quite a shock to experience such finery and luxury coming from the Dark Ages into the Big Smoke. You be careful. Too much fun at your age can cause a crisis.

    What a beautiful shepherd. Trained to kill yet?

    1. Oh yeah, I can mix it with the hoi-polloi when I have to.

      Trained to lick you to death. Maybe.

  3. All this jet-setting, international travelling that you are doing! For a moment I thought you were going to say that you took the bitch with you…

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