Theatre Review: Penn & Teller UK Tour

In a dramatic re-interpretation of the rules of this month’s challenge – in which I am going to fail, anyway – I thought I’d do a review on a show I saw on Sunday.

Live at the Hammersmith Apollo (or the Eventim Apollo, as it is now called), the American magicians, Penn & Teller, wowed 3000 of us with their zany, off-the-wall brand of magic.

Watching it with my mate, Paul, we couldn’t fail to be impressed. In a turn around from their TV series, I’m pleased to say that Penn & Teller fooled us.

At least some of the time.

The silent Teller is the real magical maestro of the pair – a fact that Penn Gillette will readily admit – and his sleight of hand skills are unsurpassed.

The trick with the goldfish: Wow! I was amazed when I saw it before on TV, but seeing it live on stage, just a few metres away from me, left both me and Paul even more impressed.

And we know how they got the lady’s phone inside the dead fish, but we can’t agree on how they managed to get it under someone else’s seat.

It was an excellent set from the pair and a thoroughly enjoyable show, marred only by having to sit through it all in an uncomfortable sweat, due to there being no air-conditioning in the theatre.

And afterwards, they waited outside the theatre to greet their fans and have selfies taken with them.  A nice touch.

7 thoughts on “Theatre Review: Penn & Teller UK Tour”

    1. 1. I don’t do selfies. Never done a selfie.
      2. I couldn’t be bothered to queue up.
      3. See 1.

      I too saw Derren Brown… last year. He wuz masterful. Like Emporer Ming.

  1. I saw P&T in Vegas (baby), and actually went on stage to check props. They were highly entertaining, and very fooling. At least, I was fooled.

      1. Kinda. They opened the stage for half an hour before the show. All of their props were laid out for hands-on inspection. Or were they? 🙂

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