Being social

“Ha ha! Look Dad”, said Amelia, flashing her phone in front of my face for a second, before snatching it away again. “I’ve found my teacher on Instagram.”

I cast her one of my ‘not impressed’ looks, as I continued to wash the breakfast things. “You know all that social media crap doesn’t interest me one little bit, Amelia”, I said.

“Yeah, but it’s cool, because I can follow Miss Sullivan now and see what she gets up to.”

“Miss Sullivan? Isn’t she your science teacher?”, I asked, my interest piqued.


“The young, blonde lady I met at Parent’s Evening last week?”


“Well, show me, then.”

13 thoughts on “Being social”

        1. Yep, biology.
          Exactly one second after I wrote that comment and clicked the Submit button, I said to myself “Arses! I should have written ‘Biology’, instead.”

  1. Is it the teacher that was in all the papers last week? Sitting on her bed, legs akimbo !!

    ps my son will be here tomorrow ,I shall try and remember to ask him about having to enter my details here every time!

    1. I know not of this teacher, but she sounds a sort.
      She certainly wasn’t in the FT.

    1. Nope, I resisted the urge, Alan.

      Nowadays, most of my urges are easily resisted, sadly.

  2. On a serious note. Most teachers are advised not to accept “friend” requests from their pupils. In these days teachers need to make sure they can have a level of privacy. There have been cases in the news where teachers have got into trouble for setting a bad example to pupils by being photo’d in pubs drinking. And also to stop the parents of said pupils “perving” over them. I use that term advisedly, I refer the honourable gentleman to the comment Mr Jones made some moments ago.

    Of course, I don’t know the age of your children, but the minimum age for instagram is 13.

    Aren’t I being a killjoy. I must be becoming more French!

    1. I guess that in this day and age where it is uncool to not be on social media, it is probably quite difficult for young teachers to have a social life similar to that of their mates.

      But if you can’t go out and have a drink in a pub, where can you have one?

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