Spring has sprung…

… the grass is riz…

It most definitely is, because I cut it yesterday!

There are many things to indicate that Spring has arrived: plants; animals; insects, all sticking their heads out.

Buzzy bees buzzing around; the daffodils and crocuses (crocii?) in full bloom and an increase in the amount of roadkill littering the lanes, is all a sign that Winter is over and that Spring has finally arrived.

But round these parts, they know it is Spring, when Mr Masher finally gives in and cuts the back lawn. The sound of the noisiest Flymo in the world, being dragged around my garden for forty minutes on a Saturday afternoon, is as accurate an indicator of Spring’s arrival, as anything else.

Another good indicator, is the increased number of motorcyclists on the roads. And today, I added to that number.

I pulled the dustsheets off the bike and was pleasantly surprised when it started first time – having not been used since last November. And then I took to the roads and rode to Hitchin, for a pre-arranged meeting with a couple of guys I had never met before, but had spoken to on Saturday, on the radio.

Pete and John turned out to be a most amiable couple of chaps and we took a very pleasant ride through the back streets of Hertfordshire, before ending up at a biker’s cafe on the A10 for a bit of breakfast.

I look forward to meeting up with them again, some time soon.

And now that Spring has snuck up upon me, I really must pull my finger out and get my latest Geocache puzzle built, before Autumn suddenly arrives and I’m too late.


15 thoughts on “Spring has sprung…”

  1. I think that grass cutting was the most done activity in the last 2 days! ( not by me I hasten to add….the husband does that, and cuts the hedges ……I do everything else! )

  2. PS Does anyone else have to enter their name and email address EVERY time on this blog ? I always forget and have to be told like a naughty schoolgirl to go back and complete it ! ( I use Safari on an iMac)

  3. A definite increase in touring bikes over the last couple of weeks down here in South Franceland.

    I think the plural of crocus may still be crocus. I say this from the advantage point of having spectacularly failed Latin O’Level 44 years ago.

    I keep thinking I might go out and Geocache. And then I think again.

  4. Hold on…. You had a nice ride with a couple of “amiable” strangers down their backroads….and you’re looking forward to that again?…And.. you really must pull your finger out?

    Masher….is there anything you want to tell me and the current Mrs. Masher?

    1. The current Mrs M already knows about such things, Jules.
      However, you and I probably need to sit down and have a little chat.

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