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I’m currently working in Northampton – a suitably short enough distance that I can travel each day, rather than stay over.

So, each morning, on my way to work, I call into our local supermarket to get my lunch and then I nip up to the cafeteria to get a take-away tea to drink on my journey.

I’m always in a hurry though and I hate having to wait, so my heart drops if, when I get to the top of the stairs, I see a queue at the counter. It’s rare though, at that time of the morning.

But the most annoying thing is that, if there is a queue there – even just one person – they won’t be ordering tea.

No, they will order coffee. Every bloody time.

Now, I have nothing against coffee drinkers per-se – I’m prone to the occasional cup myself, sometimes – but nowadays, nobody orders just a straight coffee, because we’re all bloody continental and Starbucks savvy now, so it’s all flippin’ cappucinos, americanos and skinny lattes.

And they take sodding ages to make!

I’ve timed it: from taking the order to producing the beverage is an average of 90 secs. All that poncing about with putting the coffee in that tea-strainer shaped device, tamping it down, forcing the hot water through it, heating the milk on the machine that sounds like it’s about to cough up a huge wad of phlegm, pouring it in the cup and then sprinkling cocoa powder or chocolate or whatever it is over the finished product.

A minute and a half!

And today, I stood in the queue behind five women who ALL wanted skinny lattes. Nearly eight minutes I waited whilst the girl behind the counter went through all the shenanigans involved in producing – what in essence was – five milky coffees.

Finally I reached the till. “Tea please, to take away.”

Bag in cup, add hot water, splash of milk, here’s my money: 30 seconds. Max.

And that got me thinking: How many man-hours per day are lost whilst people queue up for their coffee?

I reckon, if we are going to get this country back on it’s feet, we need, once more, to become a nation of tea-drinkers.

It’s the right thing to do.

9 thoughts on “Blog-a-day – Costa Productivity”

  1. Quote: “Bag in cup, add hot water, splash of milk,”

    Bag first them hot water THEN milk… YES!!!!

    At last you have acknowledged the correct way to make tea…

  2. Nononononono! The correct way to make tea is:
    1. Ring bell
    2. Say ‘Tea please James’

    Anyway, I don’t wait in Costa. I’m so well-known by the entire staff that as soon as I walk in my Latte is on the way.

  3. Arthur – not at all. Nowhere did I say it was the correct way… which it isn’t. It’s just the way the girl behind the counter made it and I didn’t have time to show her the error of her ways.

    Bren – Hold on… I’ve been to your gaff – where was James hiding then?

  4. It is definitely quicker to have tea served in one of those places and it even comes in a pot ( which is right and proper and how I do it at home) but why can’t they use decent tea? It is always too weak for me so I carry a couple of spare tea bags with me now.

  5. Ya daft git – why don’t you make your own cup of tea at home and put it in an thermal mug? WAYYY quicker and cheaper than ordering at a supermarket … or god forbid …. Costa!

    I have calculated that if you make a large cup of tea at home it will cost 0.97p per cup (including ingredients, water, electricity and time). But mind you, I was only charging your time at the minimal wage.

  6. Toffeeapple – You take your own tea bags? I thought I was a fussy tea-drinker.

    Dave – If I find myself behind you in the queue, you’re getting a deadleg.

    Annie – I’ve tried the thermal mug thing, but by the time I’ve dropped the kids off at school and then shopped for my lunch, the tea has taken on that horrible stewed thermos-flask taste. Yuk.

  7. Of course I take my own, usually places like that use Lipton tea which is as weak as gnat’s p**s, and I am an ex-biker so strong tea is necessary. With you on the Thermos taste too.

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