Jun 24 2017

Get out of my ear!

I’ve got an ear-worm.

I hate that term. It sounds like some sort of gross infection.

I prefer to call it “I’ve got a song stuck in my head”.

Which I have.

I don’t know where it came from, but Ultravox’s hit, Vienna, somehow made its way into my consciousness some weeks back.

I managed to lose it, last week, but then I received a report by email at work, that had not yet been explained to me.

I replied to the sender: “Lovely report, but I’m afraid this means nothing to me”.

BANG! Midge Ure’s dulcet tones were straight back into my bonce. Aarrgh!

But then, it slowly faded over the next couple of days and disappeared again. For a few hours.

I then received an email from my mate Gavin (that’s him, up on my extensive blogroll), saying that he was no longer in Bangkok as he had relocated to… Vienna.

BANG! Aarrgh!

And it is still there now. It’s been nearly three weeks, I think.

And it’s not even the whole song, just the same bit repeating over and over: “… it means nothing to me / it means nothing to me / Ohhh, Viennaaaa / dummm, dum duddah / dummm dum duddah…” And repeat.

It’s there, all the time, just slightly louder than my tinnitus.

And it’s slowly driving me bonkers.


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  1. Dave

    Would it help to remind you that it was kept off number one in the charts by


    Possibly not……

    1. Masher

      No, Dave, it doesn’t help. At all.

  2. Brennig

    Ah, shaddup you face.

    1. Masher

      Yes. Very helpful advice there.

  3. Aman

    Lovely place is “Viennnnnaaaaa” 👍😂

    1. Masher

      Again, not helping!

  4. Toffeeapple

    Part of my address includes Vienna. Sorry to irritate you.

    1. Masher

      Well, that’s your Christmas card out of the window then!

  5. Aman

    Still in Vieeennnnaaaaaaa??

    1. Masher

      Well, I’m in Langley at the moment… but it seems that my ears are still in bloody Vienna.
      Thanks to you.

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