Jun 13 2017

You know when you come in halfway through a conversation…

… well, that happened to me this morning, as I was flicking through the channels and found two old boys chatting away.

OB1: “I struggle with the fingering because of the arthritis in my hands”

OB2: “Well funnily enough, I found that my fingering improved my arthritis”

And they both continued to talk – oblivious to the innuendo – about how they were learning to play the clarinet.


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  1. Alan Wright

    Had to think twice and decided not to leave my comment.

    1. Masher

      Wise move.

  2. Juliette

    Hahaha! I bet that’s the best conversation you heard all day!

    1. Masher

      Hmmm… best I’d heard that morning, certainly!


    But do you think they had put their finger on the problem?

    1. Masher

      Well, they seemed happy enough, Robert.

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