Feb 18 2017

Coming home

This post comes to you courtesy of the 30 mins free WiFi at Miami airport…  so I’d better type quickly!

Well,  we are now at the airport after spending several hours on a couple of open-topped bus tours around the city.

I always enjoy guided tours,  and this one was no exception.

After,  as it is the current Mrs Masher’s birthday today,  we had a slap-up lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe,  where we ordered more food than we could comfortably eat.

As per usual.

On the subject of food,  we have eaten  soooo much on this holiday. I still have a six pack,  but it has become a six pack of sausage rolls!

When we get home,  I shall be looking in earnest at gymnasium membership.

And when I have finished looking,  I shall sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit  and decide whether ‘sausage rolls’  is such a bad look.


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  1. Alan

    Mrs. M I did not realise we shared the same buffday(mine is a slightly bigger number than yours). So belated greetings for yesterday.
    Glad you all had a super holiday.

    1. Masher

      If I’d known it was your birthday also, Alan, I’d have taken you with us.
      You should have said.

  2. Juliette

    Go Miami Masher! Nice to know you’re having fun in the States and eating your way round. It has to be done.

    1. Masher

      Just in Miami, Jules.
      In all the other countries – and on board the boat – I hardly touched a thing.

  3. Brennig

    To be honest, sausage rolls sounds much more appealing than flogging yourself to death in a gym.

    1. Masher

      The idea that my sausage rolls appeal to you, is making me feel queezy.

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