Feb 17 2017

Hotter than a monkey’s bum, Your Majesty

Today’s post comes to you from the Bahamas.

About an hour ago,  the ship docked in the port of Nassau.  Bloody amazing to watch it being parked, as it had to be reversed in. I struggle reversing my car into a space sometimes,  but this ‘kin huge vessel just effortlessly backed in to the dock and pushed itself up against the jetty… without the slightest of bumps…  all lined up perfectly.

Anyway,  I ain’t getting off.  It is ridiculously hot out there.  Mrs M has disembarked along with Amelia,  to go shopping  (what else?).  I don’t mind it being warm,  but there’s  no way I’d cope with that heat…  especially whilst being dragged around the shops.  Nope,  me and Harry are quite happy to stay on the boat,  away from the sun.

  • Anyway,  better go as Harry wants a go on the Formula 1 simulator.


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  1. Alan

    Just Harry?????
    You will just have to hope the heat warps the credit card so it cannot be used.

    1. Masher

      Nah, I had a go too. Just to show him how it’s done, y’know.

  2. Frances

    Sensible man staying aboard , in air con? I did that on our river cruise in Avignon. Husband went back into the town but too hot for me. It was 30c… Much too hot for normal people in my opinion. Re me still feeling 18, I am still amazed that I can ” talk” to a family half way across the world from this tiny iPhone in my hand , while watching question of sport!

    1. Masher

      Air con, most definitely. I would have refused to come along otherwise.

      I know what you mean about technology. I’ve been involved with communication technology for many years, yet it still amazes me too.

  3. Brennig

    Always wanted to visit Nassau to see all the geeky science things they do there. Space missions, satellites, and all the old moon shots and stuff. Marvellous

    1. Masher

      Not enough time for us to have seen any of that stuff. Not that the excursion list mentioned it at all.

      1. Brennig


        1. Masher

          Oh, it was a pun.
          I’m rubbish with puns. Sorry.

  4. Dave

    Could you confirm that
    a) Nassau is indeed gone funky
    b) That Nassau has Soul

    You have to be of a certain age to get that and unfortunately I think we are probably all of the neccessary age.

    1. Masher

      Well, I’m obviously of ‘that’ age, but I can’t say I recognise it.

      It does sound very Pete & Dud, though?

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