Feb 07 2014


hugetackleI saw this sign as I was driving home down the A1 yesterday. Obviously I couldn’t actually go there as I wasn’t qualified, but it did make me snigger (and I didn’t have time to stop and take a photo, so I nicked this one off t’internet).

Now, for much of yesterday, I had John Travolta singing in my head.

“Saaandy, can’t you see, I’m in mi-ser-y…”

This is because, I was working at the Sandy Heath transmitter again and whenever I approach the town there is obviously a sign proclaiming it’s name: SANDY, it says. And that’s the trigger that has Mr Travolta giving it the full “… oh why-y-y, oh why, you left me, oh Sandy…” in my brain for the rest of the day.

And now I’ve got it going on again, because of what I typed above.

Similarly, I often find myself softly humming Blondie’s ‘Call Me’ as I make breakfast in the morning. It took me a while to figure out the reason why. It’s my alarm clock: I’ll normally roll over and stop it within a few seconds of it going off, but by then it’s urgent “Beepidy beep, Beepidy beep, Beepidy beep” has already subconsciously planted the opening bars of Debbie Harry’s 1980 hit into my nut.

Similarly similarly, the fax machine where I used to work, would draw the sheet of paper into itself in a staccato, jerky fashion, making a noise not too dissimilar to the opening of Madonna’s 1986 hit Papa Don’t Preach,  and I’d often find myself whistling that as I left the printer room.  I mentioned it to others, but no-one else could hear it, so maybe it was just me.

Anyway, today is Fun Fact Friday. That’s a fun fact that you’re gonna get every Friday from now on.

Till the end of February.

So, that’s 4, yes, four fun facts that will enrich your life and amaze your mates down the pub.

So, here’s the first one: Did you know that under the Wildlife & Countryside Act of 1981, it is illegal in the UK to shoot a hedgehog…

… using a machine gun.


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  1. Juliette

    We have the most stupid laws.

    Now I can’t get Olivia newton John and Travolta out of my head. Thanks a lot Masher.


    I know a song that’ll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves. I know a song that’ll get on your nerves and it goes like this…


  2. Masher

    No we don’t… that’ll be the Americans.

    That’s even worse if you hear it with Joe Pasquale’s voice!

  3. Brennig

    *puts machine gun away*
    *shakes fist at departing hedgehog*

    I have two iPods. There’s my ‘on my person whenever I’m out and about’ iPod. There’s my ‘plugged in to the bedroom iPod docking station’ iPod. The latter – through the technology in the docking station, in my alarm clock. There are just over 6,000 tracks on it. The iPod is permanently set on ‘shuffle’, so I never know, from day to day, what music is going to wake me. This first tune this morning was the overture to Tannhäuser (http://youtu.be/SRmCEGHt-Qk) – not the Bugs Bunny version. And (as always happens) I’ve been humming excerpts from this opera all day. Most annoying for the other people in my meetings, obv.

    Anyway, the first piece of music out of the box yesterday was ‘Heaven Is Waiting For A Girl Like Me’ by Anemo. And I was singing those lyrics in the lift at work when I noticed I was getting strange looks.

  4. Masher

    Being on shuffle, isn’t there a risk that a particularly soporific piece of music – Brahms’ Lullaby springs to mind, but I’m sure there are others – could lull you into a deeper sleep rather than get you springing out of bed in the mornings?

  5. Brennig

    Nah, that’s not me. Once I’m awake I’m awake. I can stay in bed for a little while but I have to get up after ten minutes. So by 5.30am I’m usually in the kitchen having breakfast. I like to be out of the house by 6.20 and in the office by 6.45.

  6. Toffeeapple

    I wonder if it is still illegal to buy a Bible on a Sunday? Though it was possible to buy a tin of peas…

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