Feb 05 2014

No change

This post comes to you courtesy of my new laptap – which I’m starting to get the hang of, although I’m still not overly enamoured with Windows 8.

The laptop itself is nice and fast, but I suppose that it’ll soon slow down once I’ve filled it with crap.

This post also comes to you courtesy of the Premier Inn WiFi down in Plymouth. Yes, I’m down here again!

Initially, I had three jobs to do down here and had planned to be here for much of the week, but two of the jobs got cancelled at the last minute,and so I’ve come all this way just to do the one job.

I was tempted, at first, to stay at my usual gaff, but after our tearful goodbyes and sad farewells following my six-month stint with them earlier (I only left them in January), I thought that turning up again so soon – and just for the one night – would be a bit embarrassing.

And so, I opted to stay in a different Premier Inn. But, they’re all the same so, of course, it ¬†feels exactly the same as MY Premier Inn.

Except that I can’t see the sea when I’m having a shit.


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  1. Juliette

    If you can’t see the sea when having a shit then you need to go back to YOUR Premier inn! Don’t deny yourself this way.

  2. Brennig

    I’m with Juliette, seeing the sea from the bog has to be an important factor in quality toilet time. You know it makes sense.

  3. Abbo

    Any more storms down that way and mother nature might arrange it for you…hope you not on the train ‘cos if you are you’re there till April!

    Happy Blog-a-thon

  4. Masher

    Bren/Jules – I think the chance to take a dump in my favourite toilet may well be in the… er, pipeline.

    Abbo – Nope, not on the train. But, I was awakened at 1am by a terrific crackling noise: a tree had come down. It fell into the hotel car park and it missed my car by just a few feet, So that was lucky.

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