Feb 04 2014

It’s the simple things…

It was Harry’s birthday a few weeks ago and by way of a present, everyone gave him money.

The little fella did quite well out of it, amassing over a hundred and twenty pounds. Not bad for a nine year-old.

He spent some of it, but in order to stop it all being frittered away on sweets and Minecraft points, I persuaded him that he really needed a new bike. Which he did – his old one now being far too small for him.

And so, we made our way over to Halfords and spent some time perusing what they had on offer: a not inconsiderable selection.

Eventually, after much looking, he picked one out. I had to add a few quid to it, but it was a really nice bike.

It had twin front suspension forks… which didn’t impress him much, to tell the truth.

The Clarks V Brakes also did very little to enthuse him.

And neither was he overly excited by the Shimano derailleur and 6-speed cassette fed from a 3-speed crank, giving him 18 gears in total.

No, he chose it because it had the one attribute that he – as a nine year-old – was looking for in a bike.

It was green.


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  1. Brennig

    A hundred and twenty pounds? Stone me, your offspring did better than me on my last birthday! On my last ten birthdays. Um. Maybe.

    Green bikes? He will go very far. Said the owner of a dark green bike.

  2. Juliette

    Haha! Brilliant. I would also put colour as a priority! Nice one Harry.

  3. Robert G4PYR

    Colour of the bike is the most important thing….

    Adults choose their car by colour, youngsters choose their bike!!!

  4. Frances

    I am looking to change my car, and ‘im indoors says you don’t choose a car for its colour…that’s what he thinks!! I am damned if I shall have another silver one! ( I want red or blue!) Have you noticed how nearly all cars these days are either silver, black or grey?

  5. Masher

    Robert- I was going to say that by “adults” you must mean “women” surely? But having seen Francis’ comment I’m a bit scared to now.

  6. vanessa

    Nothing confuses a car salesman quite as much as walking in and asking about the colour choices before anything else

  7. Abbo

    Aren’t all bikes ‘green’ these days, enviromentally speaking, or am I over complicating the issue?

  8. Masher

    Vanessa – …unless it’s a car saleswoman? (he said from the comparative safety of the other side of the Atlantic!)

    Abbo – I like the way you think, Abbo, but yes, you are over complicating it.

  9. Toffeeapple

    My OH owns a cycle shop so I understood all the technical jargon above. Mind you, the cheapest bike in his shop is over £4,000.

    When I was a child, I was always happy to get 5 shillings for my birthday…

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