Feb 03 2014


I bought myself a new laptop yesterday.

My old laptop has given wonderful service over the years but has now reached the end of it’s useful service.  I bought it in 2007, and it has been used just about every day of the working week since, so, I’ve had my money’s worth out of it.

I’ve tried to keep it going, but there’s only so much I can do with it’s diminutive hard drive and it’s intermittent Wi-Fi connection. And it just about breathed it’s last gasp over the weekend, so I needed a new one quick.

So, I looked around for a new one on t’internet.  Buying online was out, as I needed it sharpish, and so, having narrowed my choices down to three, and having inevitably increased my budget by 30%  I went up to our local Currys/PC World store to have a look at them in the flesh plastic.

Having spent a good half hour or more, playing around with the display models and doing like for like comparisons, I put them in order of preference: the Toshiba, then the HP and finally the Lenovo. There wasn’t much in it and looking at the specs, either one would be several times better than my old machine.

Eventually, I managed to collar a disinterested assistant and sent him off to get me a Toshiba machine.

He came back with that Sorry-it’s-out-of-stock look on his face. “Sorry. It’s out of stock”, he said.

“OK, I’ll take the HP instead”, I said, before he could scarper off.  He came back a minute later with the same look.

“Alright”, I said, “I’ll have the Lenovo.”

“Already checked… that’s out of stock too”, he said.

“Is it?” I said, rhetorically. “Not much of a laptop shop is it really?” . “Finest in the district, Sir” .”It’s the only one in the fucking district, that’s why!”  “OK”, I said, “I’ll try somewhere else.”

Back home, Mrs Masher – not slow on recognising an opportunity when she sees it – suggested we try Milton Keynes. “It’s a bigger store and they’ll probably have a wider range”, she said. By now, I’d lost interest, but agreed to it and so we all jumped in the car and drove there – having to first visit the shoe shop and then the new Marks & Spencer store!

But, she was right, it was a bigger store. However, they had exactly the same range.  The staff were more attentive though and I soon had a young chap eager to serve me. “I want either this one, this one or this one”, I said pointing them out to him, having already explained that I’d come all this way because the shoddy Luton store was out of stock of everything.

He disappeared to the other end of the store and was gone for ages before finally returning. “We have just the one Lenovo in stock”, he said, “Don’t know why Luton said they had none, because I’ve checked their stock and they have two there.”


Anyway, I now have it. But it’s rubbish. You cannot buy a new laptop nowadays without it having Windows 8 on it. And I can’t get my head round it. Maybe it just takes a bit of getting used to, but at the moment I really hate it.

Windows Hate it should be called.


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  1. Robert

    Last year I kicked my Windows desktop and laptop into touch and bout an iMac desktop and MacBook PRO laptop.

    Best move I have ever made computer wise. My Office is brighter now I have no windows!!!

  2. Masher

    They’re good machines Robert, and everyone I know who has one, loves it. But, they are WAY out of my price range. Looking at prices online, the cheapest MacBook is more than twice as expensive than the one I’ve just bought. It’s screen is four inches smaller and the hard drive is only an eighth of the size.
    Besides, I dislike Apple as a company, so even if I had the money, my scruples would give me jip if I were to buy one.

    I do like your final comment though :)

  3. Robert G4PYR

    It would take something to drive me back to windows.

    The wife has a windows 7 laptop, it’s keyboard has more bounce than a kangaroo.
    Last time I did a reinstall there were almost 150 windows updates plus all the junk stuff and trials to remove. It was a pain.

    I have no problem with Apple as a company, they have no better or worse record than the likes of microshaft.

    When I moved to the MacBook I just switched it on and used it with no thought, when I play with the wife’s machine I have to think what to do. It’s been said many times but they just work! The airport router I have is the most stable router I have ever used, it’s been on six weeks at the moment withouth one dropout, which is more than can be said for the BT hub I used before.

    I know it’s horses for courses but it’s still the best thing I have ever done for my business.

    Bonus is I get no crud off them affecting the radios either!!

  4. Brennig

    I’m a die-hard Windows XP user; for a laptop/desktop, XP Pro is the dog’s danglers. But I recognise that even my quite well-maintained studio laptop is going to need replacing. I am jealous of your new purchase though. Good luck with the W8 bag of tricks.

  5. Robert G4PYR

    I have been playing with an SDR stick of late and having great fun, cost less than a tenner and puts my scanner to shame.

    Yes I liked XP, mind you I liked Windows ME!!! But I think the best of the lost is Windows 7. I got 8 and gave the CD’s away, did not like it at all.

  6. Juliette

    “Is it?” I said, rhetorically. “Not much of a laptop shop is it really?” . “Finest in the district, Sir” .”It’s the only one in the fucking district, that’s why!” That made me spit my tea out laughing.

    Well I hope you do get your head round Windows hate just in time for Windows 9. This is why I have a Mac.

  7. Masher

    Oh no… We have a MAC fanclub!

  8. Masher

    Robert – the sdr stick… would that be the ubiquitous RDL2832 by any chance?
    I picked one up from Amazon for a tenner a while back, but haven’t had much joy with it. Probably help if I connected it to a proper antenna and not just the little one that came with it!
    However, that antenna works great for picking up aircraft with Virtual Radar.

  9. Robert G4PYR

    Yes that’s the stick, works a treat, I use it to monitor various stuff, works a treat with the dual band co-linear connected.

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