Jan 12 2014

In a funk

It has been pointed out to me that this site is suffering from a paucity of recent posts.

This is something I am well aware of.

Problem is, I seem to have got myself into a bit of a can’t-be-arsed funk.

It started some weeks back: every year – for quite a while now – I have sent out, with my Christmas cards, one of those annoying round robin type newsletters… you know, the ones that people really hate. This year, I just couldn’t be bothered.  But then, I thought to myself “C’mon, you’ve done this for years now. You’ve set a precedent. People expect it of you now. It’ll be fine once you get going.”

And so I sat, in my hotel room, in front of my laptop and stared at it for ten minutes, before thinking “Nope, can’t be arsed”. Instead, I put the kettle on and watched another episode of Dad’s Army.

The same has happened with other things: I haven’t done any Geocaching for ages; I don’t feel my enthusiasm for amateur radio has actually dwindled, but I don’t seem to be playing with it so much at the moment and I have several electronic projects languishing in a state of semi-built-ness. The new kitchen – which I said I would get finished straight after Christmas – looks very similar to how it looked before the festive break.

And, of course, this blog has suffered commensurately.

Not looking good for February, is it?  At the moment, I think forward toward my self-imposed writing marathon, and all I feel is “Meh”.  I really can’t see it happening. But then, maybe I need to force myself to do it. Certainly, in past years, it has re-kindled my enjoyment of writing crap for you both to read.

We’ll see.




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  1. Brennig

    Awww, I’m looking forward to your February blogathon. I imagined you were quiet because you were storing up anecdotes to carry you through the February challenge. I hope you ditch the ‘meh’ and get your mojo back.

  2. Frances

    I , for one, have missed your posts. But I do understand the lethargy that kicks in every so often. I have a cross stitch kit that I bought a month ago to make for a baby due next year, but can’t seem to drum up the enthusiasm to actually get on with it….maybe the 7 month old puppy is taking up all my time, and he will be interfering if I try and do stitching. I think we need some sunshine to get us going…raining now here in Harpenden…again!

  3. Arthur Pewty

    You miserable old git, there you are with the nation poised eagerly awaiting for your every post and some are literally bursting with excitement at the prospect of reading the impending February Blog Binge ( I put literally in there just to wind you up a bit)

    Now come on!!! pull yourself together and get blogging, you owe it to the multitude of avid Masher followers who look forward to the Blogathon as a window of sunshine that helps them through the murky depths of winter.

    Now what would Johnny Oxford say at a time like this, ” C’mon man you’re cooking with gas now”

  4. Toffeeapple

    I know what you mean, I keep trying to finish things off or start new things but it just doesn’t happen. Still, I am looking forward to your February marathon!

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