Dec 08 2013


Yesterday, in a pre-arranged meeting, I met up with a man in a McDonalds restaurant about eighteen miles from where I live.

I’d only ever met him once – maybe twice – before and that was many, many years ago.

We chatted amiably for a while whilst we drank our hot beverages and then – somewhat furtively – I slid him a plain brown envelope across the table, stuffed with cash.

Over a thousand pounds.

In twenties.

He went away very happy.

But, it’s most unlikely I’ll ever see him again.




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  1. Brennig

    What have you bought now?

  2. Masher

    I left empty handed and empty pocketed.
    The money was his, by rights, but I could have quite easily kept it.
    But that would have been morally wrong.
    And it felt good to make someone so happy, this side of Christmas.

  3. Brennig

    You found a stash of cash that belonged to someone else and returned it?

    Well if that’s the case aren’t you Mister Wonderful Guy? Karma will visit you with goodness.

  4. Abbo

    Was it his share of Masher.com?

  5. Arthur Pewty

    Scene: A nondescript corner booth in an anonymous McDonalds somewhere in England, The weather is dull and grey, a bit like the tea when the milk is added first

    Masher: ” The weather is unusally warm for this time of year”

    Shifty :” Yes and the Swallows fly towards the Urals also”

    Masher: ” Do you have the merchandise?”

    Shifty” Do you have the Nelson’s?”

    The exchange takes place with only the faint rustling of the readies

    Masher: ” Thank you for the prompt delivery”

    Shifty: ” And thank you for using the new Amazon Christmas present secret drop off service”

  6. Juliette

    Can you do this for me? I’m prepared to travel to any Maccy D’s you want.

  7. Masher

    Abbo – nah. Not even close, mate.

    Arthur – can you really see me spending a grand on a Christmas present… unless it was for me?

    Jules – Sure. I have plenty of brown envelopes left. Sadly though, they are all bereft of any cash.

  8. Abbo

    masher.com was too recent….it was a payoff for the rights to ZAP Xmas lights !

    Worth every penny I say.

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