Nov 10 2013


Last Sunday morning, I took the bike out for what is likely to be its last outing of the year – the cold weather coming in fast, as it is.

Me and a couple of mates took a ride up to Jack’s Hill Cafe in Towester.  It was a chilly, but bright morning, making for a really nice ride.  At the cafe – after forming the Bonneville America Appreciation Society with a couple of chaps who I got chatting to – I met up with the young Mr Jones and we talked nerdy stuff over breakfast before heading home before the rains set in.  Bren shot some video as he was departing, and I can be seen about ten seconds in – the fat Mr Gumby type, putting on his helmet. To be honest, the film kind of peaks at that point and all gets rather dull from there onwards, as I don’t appear again.

On the subject of films , I went to the pictures up at the local flea pit to see Ender’s Game.  This was a book that I’d read back in the early nineties. So well written was it, that parts have remained with me to this day.  Over the years, it has developed a bit of a cult following, with many claiming it to be the best Sci-Fi novel ever written. So, it was with much anticipation that I looked forward to seeing this film.
Now, many of the big multiplex cinemas nowadays, have two-tier seating, where one can pay extra for a Premium Seat – slightly bigger, slightly more comfy.  The little cinema in Torquay has a similar arrangement, where you can choose either sticky or non-sticky seats, but it comes at no extra cost… you just take your chances. This week, I got lucky.

It’s here that I’d like to give an in-depth review of the film:

Ender’s Game – Film Review

It’s not as good as the book.

By a long way.

The end.


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  1. Toffeeapple

    I went past that very café this afternoon, on the way home from Warwickshire, it was a cracking day even if the temp went down to 3C at one point. There were lots of bikes out today too, it was wonderful to see them. So jealous!

  2. Brennig

    I’m an Ender Wiggin fan and for that reason alone have not been to see the film. But your review is brilliant. We should print that bit of the internet out, and get it laminated.

    (ps: I’m considering buying a much better quality camera, I’ve borrowed a Drift Ghost which seems to be the dog’s danglers)

  3. Annie (Lady M) x

    You’re famous! You look great in the video – just like Brad Pitt. I am loving the blog template by the way (you’ve probably had it ages, that’s how crap I am!). What platform are you using?

  4. Masher

    That’ll be WordPress, Annie.
    And yes, unlike you, it’s been here for quite a while!

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