Oct 28 2013

The big clean up begins

Well, the weather men got it right this time.

Storms and high winds battered much of the country last night and many of us awoke this morning to scenes of devastation, with severe damage to property.

Sadly, there was even loss of life, but the numbers were, thankfully, small.

Surrounded – as we are – by the Chiltern Hills, we were quite lucky here and didn’t get it as bad as some.

Even so, it was with some trepidation that I ventured out into the garden this morning to witness the carnage left behind.


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  1. Frances

    I only saw a branch off a small tree here by the River Lea in Harpenden….those hills must have been looking after us too!

  2. Juliette

    Pretty calm up this end.. just a bit gusty and wet. Hope you didn’t incur too much hassle.

  3. Toffeeapple

    MK was a little wet and windy, but that was all.

  4. Masher

    Frances – I knew we had those hills installed for a reason!

    Jules – It’s just a bit gusty and wet up your end, is it? [snigger]

    TA – I think the storm probably lost a lot of its power in MK, having to traverse so many bloody roundabouts!

  5. Brennig

    Fishism aside, I think our weather forecasters do a pretty excellent job, considering how many factors can affect the pattern of what they are trying to forecast. Hills are handy things to have around though. Except if you’re at the bottom of one, and there’s water running off the top.

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