Oct 21 2013

Sartorial issues

We’ve been without a washing machine for a couple of months now. Yes, we got some recompense from the old one that broke just outside the guarantee period, but that money was instantly absorbed into the New Kitchen fund and disappeared before we knew we had it.  The kitchen project is – unsurprisingly – way over our original budget.

Now, at first, Mrs M didn’t mind not having a washing machine and was enjoying her weekly visit to the local launderette. But Nick Kamen never did turn up and slip out of his 501s in front of her, and so the novelty has now worn off.

“I need a washing machine” she simpered, last week. And so we perused the internets, read all the reviews and ordered one. It arrives at the end of the week. Hurrah!

With the prospect of a new machine on the horizon, Mrs M didn’t bother going to the launderette this weekend. She didn’t bother last weekend either (actually, we were busy and she just plain forgot). “We can muddle through till the end of the week”, she said. As such, the laundry basket is piled high and we are fast running out of clean clothes. It’s looking like I may have to go to work in my dressing gown.

Getting the kids ready for school this morning, I found that Harry didn’t have a clean jumper to wear and so, much to his chagrin, he had to wear one of his sister’s old ones. It’s a bit big for him and it’s now more of a dark grey colour than the deep black it started out as, but it’ll do. It’s only for a week.

Amelia had no clean trousers to wear, so again, an old pair were dragged out of the wardrobe. They were a bit tatty and frayed at the bottom and a little bit short, but they’ll do. It’s only for a week.

I looked at the pair of them as they stood in front of me. They looked a right couple of scruffy ragamuffins. I didn’t like the idea of sending them to school like that. But they’d be alright… it’s only for a week.

We arrived at school and after dropping Amelia off, I escorted Harry to his class. The door to the hall was locked shut and so we had to walk the long way round. Harry led the way. I peered through the windows as we walked and could some screens and portable lights had been set up.  “What’s going on in there, then?” I enquired of the scruffy urchin in front of me.

“Oh, we’re having our school photos done today”, he said.




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  1. Toffeeapple

    Bugger, but you will remember that photo for a long time to come…

  2. Brennig

    You could have hoofed it up the M1 to Rugby where I have a delightfully efficient washing machine.

    Of course, I’m no Mr Kamen, but hey, into every life.

    Your kitchen project sounds like something out of Grand Designs (which I am currently watching). I look forward to seeing the FOTW documentary on More4 in a few weeks.

  3. Masher

    If I buy it, TA. Which I probably will, despite the extortionate prices they charge nowadays.

    Thanks Bren. The machine is now in and despite a tiny initial leak, all is well. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan ahead regarding the plumbing and ended up having to cut a hole in the back of the under-sink cupboard, chopping away a bit of the wall around the pipe to allow me to get my pipe-cutter in, which I managed to then use just using my fingertips! It took ages. This kitchen project – only two bits left to go now: the floor and the splashbacks, but they may have to wait as Christmas is looming in the near distance – has taught me much, but one thing in particular: even the biggest cock-ups are fixable!

  4. Juliette

    Brilliant! Now you can forever remember ‘That Week’


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