Mar 02 2012


The latest news from the Department Of Stating The Bleeding Bloody Obvious is that using a smartphone to access the internet and update your Facebook status whilst driving, is dangerous.

No shit, Sherlock!

A study by the Transport Research Laboratory has shown that answering emails, checking social networking sites and ordering Tom Clancy books from Amazon whilst trying to negotiate Hyde Park Corner at rush hour, can easily lead to an accident because you are not concentrating fully on the road.

Now, who commissioned this study and why didn’t they give it to me? I don’t know how much it cost for them to come to this somewhat obvious conclusion, but I’m sure I could have told them exactly the same for much less.

It’s already illegal to use a mobile (handheld) when driving, so why have this study at all? ┬áMaybe just to compound it’s illegality even further: yes, smartphones are even more illegal to use handheld when driving than your Dad’s old Nokia 6310 (which should be made illegal purely on the grounds of street-cred).

Or could it be that the end of the financial year looms and TRL had some cash to use up in their budget?

Not that I’m a cynic or anything.


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  1. Annie (Lady M) x

    Blimey, so it’s now illegaler than it was last week where I couldn’t use it all. So do I need to come up with constructive ways to ensure that I use it even less?!

  2. Masher

    Yes. Or switch it off in the Bling Machine.

  3. Toffeeapple

    That obviously doesn’t apply to me – I don’t have a smartphone and I cant hear my mobile when it rings anyway…

  4. Brennig

    Hang on a minute,, I’m just doing Twitter on my Smartphone.

    While driving around Hyde Park Corner.

    On a Moped.

    Delivering pizza.

    And juggling.

    Three pints of milk.

    With a blindfold on.

  5. Sally

    You should have a like button on your blog. I like this post!

  6. Sally

    ps I can’t believe you’re posting again already in March after a month’s hard slog in February. Don’t you want a break?! Well done though.

  7. Masher

    Toffeeapple – you need to turn it up a bit. I SAID YOU NEED TO TURN IT UP A BIT.

    Brennig – That Twitter will be the death of you someday.

    Sally – I had a break. On the 1st.
    I got cold turkey.

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