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Oct 11 2017

Not Yet Dead

Looking at the sad lack of posts on this here site, one could be forgiven for thinking that I have shuffled off this mortal coil. But that’s not the case. Things have been happening, I’ve just not bothered mentioning them here. So what have I been up to? Well, my garage had an attempted break-in …

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Sep 18 2017

Sleeping dogs don’t lie

It’s three o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep. I’ll tell you for why. Last night (Sat/Sun), for the first time, I didn’t put the dog in her cage when we went to bed. She always lays at the top of the stairs, of an evening, and manages to put on the sad doggy …

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Aug 11 2017

Paucity of posts

I know, I know… I haven’t written anything here for ages. As a result, I’ve had complaints. But, it happens: sometimes, my blogging mojo just ups and leaves me. But it usually comes back. Eventually. So, what’s been happening in the Masher household during this lack of posts? Bugger all, that’s what. The mutt is …

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Jul 23 2017

Welsh For A Day

Yesterday, was my future brother-in-law’s Stag do. Coming from the valleys – as he does – and being surrounded by us English taking the piss out of him all the time (yakki dar), we all decided to be Welsh… just for one day. To make him feel at home. And so we went to a …

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Jul 03 2017

Another Tom

This weekend – the one just gone – the current Mrs Masher and I went on a cruise. Just a quick one. Down the Thames. And a very pleasant evening it was too. Top notch grub, served and eaten to the sounds of a live jazz band, whilst taking in the sights of London as …

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Jun 03 2017

Film Review: The Terminator

Our Welsh correspondent, Bren, has laid down a gauntlet. Foolishly, I picked it up. Bren has set himself – and by extension, me and Dave – the challenge of producing 10 film reviews during the month of June. Only ten? That won’t be too hard, I thought, as I accepted the challenge.  But, I’m not …

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May 28 2017


Here’s an updated picture of Saber. She’s growing quickly now and has settled in nicely. Having had her second set of injections, she can now go out, so we have taken her on short walks… with mixed success. She loves the park, when we get there, but she is not so keen on the walk …

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May 07 2017

Dog tired

Well, we picked up the new little mutt on Friday night and I’m impressed with how quickly she has adapted to living with us. The only problem we are having at the moment is night time. She wakes in the night and starts whimpering and that quickly escalates into fretting. And so we have had …

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May 01 2017

“Hooray, hooray, the first of May…

… outdoor fucking begins today.” So sang Shag Larkin, a radio engineer that I had the good fortune to know, many years ago. I’d oft wondered where the phrase came from, and so today, I have looked it up. It seems it’s a traditional folk song. Anyway. And in other news… Well, it seems there isn’t …

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Apr 19 2017


They’ve been pestering me for ages, for years, but I have always stood firm and said “No”. But the badgering never abated. It continued on relentlessly, until, eventually, I capitulated. The pressure on me was too much. Browbeaten to the point of surrender, I caved in and agreed that now was about the right time. Now we …

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Apr 02 2017

Being social

“Ha ha! Look Dad”, said Amelia, flashing her phone in front of my face for a second, before snatching it away again. “I’ve found my teacher on Instagram.” I cast her one of my ‘not impressed’ looks, as I continued to wash the breakfast things. “You know all that social media crap doesn’t interest me …

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Feb 23 2017

High expectations

This evening, Mrs Masher and I had to visit Amelia’s school, for an open evening to discuss Amelia’s ‘options’. This is where she has to pick which subjects she wants to study during the remainder of her school years. Obviously, it’s wise to pick not only subjects that one might be interested in, but ones that …

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Feb 22 2017

From father to son

Today, I have taught Harry how to solder. They are studying electronics at school and each pupil has been given a small circuit board and some components to solder on to it. Unfortunately though, they have a limited number of soldering irons and by the time Harry’s turn came round, they had run out of …

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Feb 21 2017

It’s a man thing

Miami Airport is a sprawling mass of buildings and tarmac and terminals and gates. The quickest way to get from one side to the other, is to take the Skytrain – a kind of shuttle that whisks along the outside of the terminuseseses. It’s only a couple of minutes journey, but as I sat there …

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Feb 20 2017

Driven to distraction

Last year, I bought a new car, because my old one was starting to show its age and – at 175,000 miles – was starting to cost me money on servicing and such. My new car is nothing special, just a Ford Focus – with an automatic gearbox for driving on that goddamn M25 each …

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Feb 19 2017

Shaking it all about

Long haul always does my head in. We are home now, and I have just been up to Sainsbury’s to get some essentials. It felt like it was mid-afternoon and I was surprised to see it was only half-past eleven and it’s strange to think that less than 24hrs ago we were on Ocean Drive. …

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Feb 18 2017

Coming home

This post comes to you courtesy of the 30 mins free WiFi at Miami airport…  so I’d better type quickly! Well,  we are now at the airport after spending several hours on a couple of open-topped bus tours around the city. I always enjoy guided tours,  and this one was no exception. After,  as it …

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Feb 17 2017

Hotter than a monkey’s bum, Your Majesty

Today’s post comes to you from the Bahamas. About an hour ago,  the ship docked in the port of Nassau.  Bloody amazing to watch it being parked, as it had to be reversed in. I struggle reversing my car into a space sometimes,  but this ‘kin huge vessel just effortlessly backed in to the dock …

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Feb 16 2017


Today we are having a day at sea.  I’m quite pleased really,  as it will give us a chance to relax –  the last few days have felt a bit hectic. Much to Mrs Masher’s annoyance,  the weather is rather overcast, so she can’t do any sunbathing. Unlike me,  she doesn’t do much reading and …

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Feb 15 2017

Underlay, underlay

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Feb 14 2017

Just checking my offshore accounts

We have just left the Cayman Islands. Man,  is it hot here!  As I write this,  I am in the cabin,  with the balcony door closed and the air conditioning turned down a notch.  I need some respite. We have been on an off road tour of part of the island of Grand Cayman. Mrs …

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Feb 12 2017


Well,  we’ve had a bit of a walk around Miami. Seems nice enough. And we are now on a boat. The MSC Divina,  if you must know.  I believe it featured on telly on Friday on Channel Five,  with Jayne McDonald; that bird who used to sing on boats for a living. Anyway,  it’s an …

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Feb 11 2017

I can’t see any Dolphins

Our flight was long and uneventful. The queue at Passport Control was also long and uneventful.  It took an age. Our pre-booked taxi was way too small,  despite them being told that it was for a fully-loaded family of four,  and I struggled to get the suitcases in the back.  Our driver,  Alex,  didn’t even …

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Feb 10 2017

Leaving on a jet plane

Well,  here we are at Heathrow airport.  And it it manically busy.  I know it’s the busiest airport in the world,  but even so. I’m currently sitting in the departure lounge,  availing myself of Heathrow’s free WiFi.  Our flight has been delayed,  but fortunately only by half an hour. And we have just learned that …

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Feb 09 2017

Outta here

This post comes to you courtesy of the Wi-Fi at a Premier Inn down near Heathrow. Because we are going on holiday. And that wasn’t the royal ‘we’… no, the whole family are going. Of course, when I say ‘the whole family’, I don’t mean my entire family, because that would be just mad. Look, me …

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Feb 02 2017

Sorry, I have a code

Harry came home from school last week and told me how he had been playing with the BBC micro:bit. Those of you of a certain age and – it has to be said – of the male persuasion, will possibly remember that back in the eighties, the Beeb introduced the BBC Micro computer to schools. …

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Jan 08 2017

Dry January

December was quite a hectic month, what with Christmas and New Year’s Eve an’ all. I had three Xmas parties in all, plus a birthday bash, Christmas Day itself and the traditional New Years’ Eve riot at my dad’s house. I probably hadn’t, but, I felt like I’d had more food and drink in one month, than …

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Dec 11 2016


Well, we are well into the Christmas season now. Rather like King Canute’s failed attempts to hold back the waves, I have been trying to resist the oncoming tsunami that is Christmas. But it hasn’t worked, and now all I can do is come to terms with it… rather like a convicted man finds peace, shortly …

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