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Oct 11 2017

Not Yet Dead

Looking at the sad lack of posts on this here site, one could be forgiven for thinking that I have shuffled off this mortal coil. But that’s not the case. Things have been happening, I’ve just not bothered mentioning them here. So what have I been up to? Well, my garage had an attempted break-in …

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Sep 18 2017

Sleeping dogs don’t lie

It’s three o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep. I’ll tell you for why. Last night (Sat/Sun), for the first time, I didn’t put the dog in her cage when we went to bed. She always lays at the top of the stairs, of an evening, and manages to put on the sad doggy …

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Aug 11 2017

Paucity of posts

I know, I know… I haven’t written anything here for ages. As a result, I’ve had complaints. But, it happens: sometimes, my blogging mojo just ups and leaves me. But it usually comes back. Eventually. So, what’s been happening in the Masher household during this lack of posts? Bugger all, that’s what. The mutt is …

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Jun 30 2017

Film Review: Ant Man

I was quite late home from work last night and Mrs Masher instructed me to pick up a McDonald’s as: “I’m not gonna start cooking now!” Dutifully, I did so and arrived home, laden with chicken nuggets and burgers and fries and cokes. I flopped exhausted onto the sofa with my meal and noticed that …

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May 28 2017


Here’s an updated picture of Saber. She’s growing quickly now and has settled in nicely. Having had her second set of injections, she can now go out, so we have taken her on short walks… with mixed success. She loves the park, when we get there, but she is not so keen on the walk …

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Mar 26 2017

Spring has sprung…

… the grass is riz… It most definitely is, because I cut it yesterday! There are many things to indicate that Spring has arrived: plants; animals; insects, all sticking their heads out. Buzzy bees buzzing around; the daffodils and crocuses (crocii?) in full bloom and an increase in the amount of roadkill littering the lanes, …

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Dec 11 2016


Well, we are well into the Christmas season now. Rather like King Canute’s failed attempts to hold back the waves, I have been trying to resist the oncoming tsunami that is Christmas. But it hasn’t worked, and now all I can do is come to terms with it… rather like a convicted man finds peace, shortly …

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Oct 29 2016

No fun

The phone rang earlier and it it wasn’t a number I recognised. I answered it anyway and was greeted with a few seconds of silence before an Indian voice cut in and introduced himself as Alex from Microsoft. “Excellent, a scammer”, I thought, “Haven’t had one of these for ages.” and I readied myself for …

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Aug 09 2016

Taste Test Tuesday

Working for the water board, as I now do, and having seen what goes into providing clean, safe drinking water to the populace, I find myself advocating tap water over mineral water, more and more. In truth, I used to do this anyway, long before I was actually involved with the wet stuff. I’m an …

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Jun 26 2016

26. A Song I Would Give To My Offspring

I got nuffin for this one. Of course, our kids will possibly never hear songs in true Hi-Fi. Yes, LP records are starting to make a comeback, but I daresay they will only appeal to the cognoscenti; the afficionados; the audiophiles.  With all the speed and convenience that downloading an MP3 offers, I can’t see …

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May 17 2016

Each to their own

On Saturday night, the wife and I did something that we’ve never done before. She wasn’t too keen, but in the spirit of “I’ll try anything once”, she agreed to give it a go. Neither of us really enjoyed it though, it has to be said. To be honest, though I’ve often thought about it, …

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Mar 08 2016

Taste Test Tuesday

Whilst the current Mrs Masher is one for drinking copious amounts of Diet Pepsi, Harry and I have a preference for lemonade. Usually I will buy a premium brand – R Whites or Schweppes – if it is on offer. If not, I’ll just get Sainsbury’s own brand. But then, I got to wondering whether …

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Feb 02 2016

Moooon River

Well, after several days of ointment application, there hasn’t been much in the way of improvement. And so, Mrs M took a trip to the chemist to see if the pharmacist could recommend anything. She returned a little later with a box of Germaloids, which is a mix of haemmor… a mix of pile ointment …

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Jan 25 2016

Breaking News

Two guys from the house four doors up, have just been taken away in handcuffs, by the police. Residents of this sleepy cul-de-sac say they are shocked and concerned that such a thing could happen here. So far, the police have made no comment. Film at 11.

Dec 29 2015

She just can’t wait to take them down

In the run up to Christmas, the wife is just as excited about it all as the kids. She loves all the kitsch and would have the Christmas tree up in November, if I’d let her. But once it’s over, it’s over, as far as she is concerned. For Christmas Day and Boxing Day, the house looks like …

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Dec 13 2015

Trying to fix Xmas tree lights that were working fine when I put them away last year, but now half of them are dead

Well, there’s three hours of my life that I won’t get back. Seated at the bottom of the stairs with the floor of the hallway covered in Christmas tree lights, half of them twinkling, the other half not. Bulbs with wires so small that it’s almost impossible to check them with a meter. Packets of spare bulbs …

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Jul 23 2015

The pain, the pain

Agony; that’s what I’m in. As you both know, I’ve long been a martyr to my back. It doesn’t take much to put it out, and that’s exactly what I did at the weekend. Badly. On Monday morning, the pain was so bad that I had to ask Mrs Masher to put my socks and …

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Jul 19 2015

Rotten Tomato

Mrs M is a bit rubbish when it comes to films. We can go see a big action blockbuster at our local picture-house and then, six months later when it’s shown on Channel Four, she’ll sit down to watch it again, swearing blind that she’s never seen it before. And she’s really good at picking …

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Apr 03 2015

Catching up

It was Amelia’s 12th birthday last Friday. I know: 12! Where did that go? She and a few of her friends had a trampolining party. Yep, that’s a new one on me too.  In my day *cough* when we had a birthday party, we had a few friends round for tea and jelly and ice-cream …

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Mar 14 2015

Not very PC

“I’m thinking of doing a rebuild on the PC”, I said to Mrs M earlier today, “it’s slowed right down. It’s about due for an upgrade anyway”. “Oh, OK”, she said. And then, out of nowhere, she asked “What motherboard are you going to get, then?”. I was taken aback slightly as, not only has she …

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Feb 24 2015

One man’s junk…

A short while back, I was chatting with my neighbour whilst he was having a sort out in his garage; slinging unwanted items into the back of his van to take to the tip. He picked up an electronic keyboard that was propped up against the side wall and went to throw it in the van. …

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Feb 08 2015

Time on my hands

I’ve been very busy of late. Except, I haven’t. Far from it. I finished the last project at work, at the end of November. Since then, apart from tidying up some paperwork and doing  a bit of training for the next project, I have done bugger all work-wise. Of course, having all this time on my …

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Feb 04 2015

Bath Time

I had a bath last night.  First one I’ve had for ages. I don’t enjoy baths, see…  I’m more of a shower person. But last night I had a bath, purely because Harry had had a steam bath to help clear his chesty cough and the water was still clean when he got out. Letting …

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Jan 10 2015

Michelin Man

I was looking in the mirror as I got out of the shower, the other day. “Jeez, Masher”, I thought to myself, “Christmas hasn’t been kind to you”. Mr Blobby looked back at me from the mirror and winced. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I think my eight-pack is still in there, somewhere, but it …

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Dec 20 2014

Rear Window

I’ve been “working from home” for the past couple of weeks.  It’s that time of year when things dry up a bit workwise and so I’ve just been helping out with a bit of paperwork, and there’s no need to drive 60 miles to the office to do that! I don’t mind working from home …

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Dec 05 2014

Christmas: we just do it for the kids, really

I answered the door to find a delivery chap holding a large box. He was clearly struggling with the weight of it.. “There you go”, he said, handing it over. “Careful, it’s heavy.” I took the box and placed it on the floor wondering what it could be, as I signed his electronic pad thingy with …

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Nov 27 2014

It was worth it

I walked into the kitchen to find Mrs Masher giving the kids a tongue-lashing. Normally I’ll stay well out of it, but this time I just had to chip in at the end. Kids: “But we DID tidy our rooms” Mrs M: “No you didn’t! They are still in a right…” Kids: “We did!” Mrs …

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Jul 22 2014

… and now for something completely brilliant

This weekend saw me at the O2 with my mate Paul, where we went to see Monty Python Live. ‘Twas marvelous and our seats afforded us a great view of the stage, which just made it even more annoying when the batteries in my camera died after only a couple of shots. On Frank Skinner’s …

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