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Oct 11 2017

Not Yet Dead

Looking at the sad lack of posts on this here site, one could be forgiven for thinking that I have shuffled off this mortal coil. But that’s not the case. Things have been happening, I’ve just not bothered mentioning them here. So what have I been up to? Well, my garage had an attempted break-in …

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Jan 31 2017

Hey! Guess what day it is tomorrow!

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Twenty-eight days of posts. Every time I do this self-imposed challenge, I think it’s going to be incredibly difficult, but ultimately, it generally turns out to be easier than I’d thought it would be. Hopefully, this year will be the same because, at the moment, the task ahead …

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Mar 01 2016

Pinchy Punchy

It’s the first day of the month…y. And that’s the end of another Blogathon. I’d like to say it gets easier each year. But it doesn’t. On the other hand though, I don’t think it’s getting any harder, either ( a sign of age, methinks). In fact, I found writing all twenty-nine posts to be …

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Feb 15 2016

Blog meet!

I had a busy day yesterday. I changed the ball valve in the water tank in the loft, as it was continually running. Not quickly, but enough to be annoying. I also changed the valve in the toilet cistern, as that had stopped closing correctly and was causing the overflow to permanently drip. I fixed …

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Jan 31 2016

Oh dear

Well, it’s nearly February already (soon be Christmas) and, of course, that brings with it my self-imposed annual Blogathon thing. This will be the tenth year that I have done this, and in that time it has become an internet sensation, with literally a couple of others joining me in the challenge each year. Sometimes. And as …

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Jun 14 2015

I’m back

Not that I’ve actually been away. But I just don’t seem to have found the time or inclination to write anything here. For ages. I’ve been working in England for the past few weeks.  All of it, it seems. From Carlisle in the north-west to Newcastle in the north-east to Bristol in the west and …

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Mar 01 2015

Pinch Punch…

Well, that’s that over and done with. Phew! It was hard going sometimes, but overall – as it usually is – I found it to be not too bad at all. I’d like to thank Bren and Dave for accompanying me again and I’d like to thank you lot for reading this drivel wot I write. …

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Feb 01 2015


… here we are again: First of February. Blimey, that sneaked up on me somewhat quicker than I expected! Of course, it has now become a bit of a tradition on this blog – and on a couple of others, I’m pleased to say – that this day now marks the start of the February …

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Oct 25 2014

It’s been quiet around these parts of late

Dunno what it is about this time of year, but my blogging mojo always seems to take a bit of a knock. Having said that, there hasn’t been a great deal for me to write about. Not that that has ever stopped me before. Many a time I’ve managed to take the most mundane, un-newsworthy news …

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Aug 09 2014

It’s been a while

This humble website – or at least, a much earlier version of it – started way back in the year 2000. I bought the domain name in July of that year, a full six months after the death and destruction promised by Y2K, failed to produce even a damp squib. Back then, having bought …

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Jan 12 2014

In a funk

It has been pointed out to me that this site is suffering from a paucity of recent posts. This is something I am well aware of. Problem is, I seem to have got myself into a bit of a can’t-be-arsed funk. It started some weeks back: every year – for quite a while now – …

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Jun 28 2013

All change

I’ve done a bit of a revamp. As you can see. If you remember, in the top left hand corner, I had a Polaroid image that would change each time you visited the site. Well, about a week ago, apropos of nothing, it stopped working. And I couldn’t figure out why.  The images were in …

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Mar 11 2013

La Blogathon Denoument

How remiss of me! We are now well into March and the dark winter nights are seemingly far behind us. The lark is on the wing, snowdrops and daffodils are starting to appear and the first Jehovas of Spring have been round, knocking on my door. So yes, here we are, well into the mad …

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Feb 01 2013

Why, oh why, oh why…

(This probably works better if you read it in a Geordie accent) It’s Day 1 in the Big Blogger house, and Masher is seated in front of his computer. His chin rests in his hands as he stares at his computer screen, waiting for inspiration. He hasn’t moved for two hours now and it looks …

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Feb 01 2012

Blog-a-day – Pinch Punch…

… the first of the month. No returns. So, here we are at the start of another February blogathon. Unbelievably, this will be the sixth (maybe seventh, I’m not sure) year that I have done this. For the past couple of years, my mate Graham has kept me company over at wrightweb. Which is nice. …

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Dec 31 2009

It’s the end of the year, as we know it

Allegedly. In order to celebrate the New Year and indeed, the new decade, I thought I’d have a revamp of the website. I perused many different templates before deciding that I actually quite like the one I’ve got. So, I’ve just given it a bit of a facelift. This latest version also supports widgets… should …

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Jun 15 2009


It’s been quiet around here lately. Sorry ’bout that: I seem to have lost my blogging voice. I’m sure normal service will be resumed shortly. As soon as I figure out what normal is.

Mar 01 2009

Aaaaand… relax

Well, another monthly blogathon over. That wasn’t too bad, was it?  Was it?   Oh, it was?  OK, I’ll try harder next year. In truth, this year’s attempt didn’t seem as difficult as in previous years. Okay, some of my posts may not be going down in blogging history for literary excellence – oh, alright, none …

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Feb 01 2009

Here we go again

Well, it’s now February: the month where I traditionally – well, for the last couple of years, at least – carry out my self-imposed challenge of posting a blog entry every day for the whole month. You may have noticed the lack of posts from me over the past couple of weeks and some of …

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Jan 08 2009


In keeping with my New Year semi-resolution (I still haven’t done my tax return!), I have finally got round to updating my version of WordPress – the engine that powers this little voyeuristic look into my life. WordPress have released many updates since I first installed it and I kept meaning to update it, but… …

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Mar 23 2008

The way we were

Y’know what it’s like when you see old photo’s of yourself: “Arrgh! Look at my hair! Oh my God! That’s never me… in a cardigan!” Well, it can be the same with websites. The WayBack Machine at Internet Archive has several copies of the Masher website stored on its servers, dating back to 2001. It’s …

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Feb 29 2008

Normal service has been resumed

Well, here we are with the final post of this month… Blog-a-day month. It’s strange, but as in recent years, although it’s a relief to get to the end of the month, it’s also quite difficult to stop posting. I have to force myself not to continue posting daily for the first week in March, …

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Feb 04 2008


OK, not much of a post, but I’m hoping you guys might be able to help me out a little. Sometimes I find I am unable to access this site. It only lasts for a few minutes, but during that time all I get is a Page Unavailable message. Then it comes back, just like …

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Feb 01 2008

Pinch punch

February already! Soon be Christmas. Now, for some reason, a couple of years ago, I set myself the challenge of making a post to this site, everyday for the month of February. I managed it, but it really wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, and I decided never to do it again. …

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Nov 25 2007


I’ve just realised that it’s been a year now that has been up and running. Yay! Happy Birthday me. Er… it. Consequently, it’s also been a year since the BBC bought my old name and still they have done bugger all with it. Maybe they are still buried under the torrent of spam …

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Jan 31 2007

The Daily Post

Last year, on the old site, I set myself the task of posting an entry on the blog, everyday for the month of February. It wasn’t easy, I’ll readily admit. And so this year, I have decided to do the same. I daresay, it will be even harder now that I’m unemployed and there isn’t …

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Nov 23 2006

… in with the new

Blimey, it all happened a lot quicker than I was expecting. Here’s the new site…. needs some work on it yet – I have plenty of tinkering to do. Gotta try get my head round PHP now as most of this template is written in it. I’ll be adding more pages, to get it back …

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